One Last Roll

Short Film

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Camera | Sony NEX-FS700
Edit | Final Cut Pro
Titles | Photoshop
Where the West Begins
by Ferenc Hegedus

When word spread that thousands of Auburn University fans would be gathering to roll the Toomer’s Corner trees one final time, it became clear that this event needed to be documented. Little did anyone know that almost 200,000 people would show up.

In the words of the Auburn Creed, Auburn fans “believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid,” and it was our goal to showcase this spirit on what could have been a day full of sadness.

Following an iconic speech given that day by David Housel, Auburn Historian and former Athletic Director, we knew that with those words at its core, this project would capture the spirit of this moment as so many people gathered to celebrate and say farewell to these two stalwart symbols of the Auburn Family.

This passion project was filmed and edited within a 12-hour span of time.  Not because there was a deadline, but because once the footage was filmed, it was begging to be compiled and shared.  In short, it was our way of saying goodbye.