Aubie the Tiger


Auburn University, Office of Student Involvement

Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Visual Effects
Camera | Sony NEX-FS700
Support | Glidecam X-10
Edit | Final Cut Pro
Compositing | After Effects
3D Animation | Cinema 4D
Finishing | FilmConvert
Superhero Hollywood Trailer
by Peter McIssac (Premium Beat)

Aubie the Tiger and his friends contacted us asking to develop a short intro video to highlight his personality and love for his university. Working with them, we wrote and developed this comedic, yet cinematic piece.

Filmed quickly in just four hours, this project was a complete blast to work on, even though the main talent could only communicate through gesture and body language. A unique and enjoyable experience all around.

Special thanks to Michael Sullivan for volunteering part of his day to assist with production.